Better late than never

6 06 2010

So for the first post of my food blog, I thought I’d start with a topic/meal that’s near and dear to my heart: breakfast. Ok, technically we went to the Screen Door Restaurant for brunch (on 5/30), but since it was the first meal we had that day, I’m calling it breakfast.

There were four of us, my wife R and our friends M and K. Like most popular places around town there was a waiting list and I have no patience, zero, zip, nada, and along with no food in my belly made for an attitude less than sterling. Luckily the food more than made up for the wait.

I ordered the banana’s foster french toast with a side of apple pork sausage. R ordered the biscuits and gravy and a side of praline bacon, K ordered a Cajun scramble and M ordered la piece de resistance, the chicken and waffles.

My french toast was amazing, thick slices of brioche with florets of butter dusted with cinnamon and covered with a caramelized banana and rum sauce and the sausage was an excellent combo of juicy breakfast sausage with the sweetness of apple.

M’s chicken and waffles made me want to slap someone’s granny. The plate came out with a sweet potato Belgian waffle and four (4), 3+1, boneless chicken breasts battered and fried to perfection then stabbed through with a knife to hold them all down to the waffle and the plate like Excalibur stuck in a golden brown delicious stone. The breading was crunchy and had a nice Cajun kick to it (cayenne perhaps?) and the chicken was super moist and cooked perfectly. Oh, and the waffle was good too. I was jealous, I admit it.

R’s biscuits and gravy were fantastic too. The sausage country gravy was definitely the best I’ve ever had, also with a bit of kick , over biscuits that were not gut bombs but belly filling nonetheless. Her bacon was something I haven’t seen before, not even with the renaissance in bacon gastronomy featured on the cable tv. They were thick slices of beautifully cured pig enveloped by a pecan praline coating. A combo that worked on every level of mouth feel/taste/smell/flavor/umami/yourmommy etc. The salty, chewy, smokey bacon, the crunchy sweetness of the pralines.

K said her scramble was great. After sampling all the other dishes though, I’m afraid a scramble held no interest for me. Sorry, K. I’ll have to give it more consideration next time we go. I’m looking forward to either another brunch or even dinner there.

Since I’d like this blog to be my thoughts on stuff (food related), I really don’t want to do a ratings system of any sort. I’ll let my impressions and opinions guide folks to places or dishes I like. Also feel free to comment and leave your own thoughts on or off topic. Thanks!